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I am a formerly cool Midwestern father of three young boys (3 and 5 and 7 ) who mean more to me than life.  My wife has progressed from threatening, to planning, to divorce the family.   (Whoever said children don’t get divorced isn’t looking at the fact that divorced children are forcibly separated from at least one parent for anywhere from half of the rest of their childhood [at best] to all of it [more common].  And they have no say in the matter, being by nature as powerless as the betrayed spouse.)  And I just became privy to a cornucopia of evidence that wife’s been stringing me along with adulterous lies.  Dramatically, there’s nothing new to this scenario; but this is my life, and I am devastated every second, and I intend to chronicle this tragedy from here on out in the hope that at least one reader will be encouraged by the fact that things could be worse for you.  And I am wide open to fellow travelers‘ comments, cause it’s hard to walk this road alone (as Whitesnake once sang).  I hated Hair Metal–yet that’s the second day/post in a row I’ve quoted a Hair Metal practitioner (see inaugural post, Stardate 5/15/2009).  Forced Divorce is already screwing with me on unanticipated levels.

Why the template? Well, I was going to spin it as symbolic of the “grass is greener” fallacy as related to divorce, but honestly, I just liked the rest of the template, so I’m going to live with the grass.  Although I’m tech savvy, I’m not tech literate, so I can’t just run an html mower over the grassy fluff on the screen lawn.

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