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Inaugural Primer on “Forced to Divorce” (hopefully someday shortened by the blognoscenti to “F2D”)

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My name is not, unfortunately, James Tiberius Kirk.  It is Robert, and what I intend to do in this blog is to chronicle, from this point on, the excruciating position of being Forced2Divorce, something very many have experienced.  However, I don’t know them.  I don’t have a “support system” as does the perpetrator of this 3-children divorce, and so, I appeal to the rubber-necking voyeurs of the internet (of which, I too, am one) to listen to me as I, at worst, vent, and at best, accurately describe the experience in all its dark energy.  I expect side-splitting commentary (in both the funny and the anatomical sense).

I will omit detailing the long and emotionally-exhausting background that’s led to the current situation.

Why start today?  I came across quite a few emails revealing her long-sustained lies about recent crises, and including the surprise of one or more additional men she’s been involved with while I’ve been watching our three boys, aged (3 5 7), at home while she “works overtime”.

And so my scarred heart deflates under the weight of its own mixed metaphors, and I will only bore you with past details briefly and if absolutely necessary for understanding a new development.

As noted, I’ve secretly copied a bunch of e-mails today, unplanned, but the opportunity presented itself and I was suddenly possessed of a hunger for truth.  I will go through these to establish a time line, primarily to come up with the right questions I need to confront her with, as the more prepared I am, the less she’ll twist semantics before either the always pleasant ad hominem attack, or the rare frank admission of truth (and hopefully more details).

So, this will go bit by bit.  I am emotionally exhausted at the moment.  But I hope to begin introducing the maudlin emails as soon as I can.

She has so many shoulders to cry on ….  And I have no one but you, my voyeuristic readers.  So as I proceed, any comments of encouragement, e-hugs, and the like might save my shriveling soul.  But no pressure.

And if anybody knows of any similar blogs that diary a similar process, please bring them to my attention so I can link to them (and read them).  A future reality-hub for catharsis, maybe? It might work. I hope to see.  Doesn’t seem like a “business model“, but there’s more to life than monetization–eventually we all cry out somehow just to be heard in some fashion.

As for you, dear reader, may you spoon snugly with the one you love tonight … for, as Cinderella (Hair Metal band, not pink chick) reminded us on FM radio in the 1980s:  “You don’t know what you got/till it’s gone/[bla bla bla bla bla bla]/It’s a long, hard road.”

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